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Electronic chemicals, also known as electronic chemical materials, generally refer to fine chemicals and special chemical materials used in the electronics industry, which have the characteristics of high added value, high technology content, and high technological level. Electronic chemicals are at the forefront of the electronic information industry chain and are the foundation of the electronic information industry. The quality of electronic chemicals/materials has a great impact on the performance of the products produced, and the demand for electronic chemicals testing is increasing. With advanced testing equipment and facilities and comprehensive testing technology capabilities as the core, BOC Sciences provides customers with professional electronic chemical analysis and testing solutions.

Our Advantages

  • A technical team with rich experience
  • Professional test center, high-precision test equipment
  • Customized testing strategies according to customers' needs.
  • Efficient and compliant test results

In our high-standard clean rooms, we provide testing services to the semiconductor industry, flat panel display industry, solar photovoltaic industry, printed circuit board industry, etc.

Our Services

  • Component analysis: Qualitative and quantitative analysis of sample composition and content or analysis of a specified component in the sample.
  • Formulation analysis: Analyze the composition and ratio of the sample components with precision instruments to restore the formula.
  • Performance improvement: Use a standard performance basis to analyze and improve product performance.
  • Unknown substance detection: Determine the main components of the unknown substance and assist the customer in analyzing the cause of the foreign body.
  • Element content: Determine the content of elements in the sample, such as silver, aluminum, arsenic, gold, boron, barium, bismuth, calcium and other elements.
  • Ion identification: The analysis identifies the ion indicators in the sample, such as chloride ion, phosphate ion, sulfate ion, nitrate ion, and ammonium ion.
  • Reliability test: Use a series of advanced equipment to complete reliability testing services. Tests include climate environment test, salt spray test, material aging test, mechanical fatigue test and corrosion test.
  • Physical property determination: Measure the physical properties of the product such as strength, expansion coefficient, electrical resistivity, and thermal conductivity.
  • Particulate matter determination: Adopt advanced technology to measure the number of particles and particle size distribution.
  • Other service items: We also provide sample surface analysis, test method development and verification, quality control and other routine testing or research services.

Our Project Workflow

Analysis and Testing Service - BOC Sciences

BOC Sciences provides professional electronic chemical analysis and testing services, providing component analysis, performance testing, quality testing and other services for various electronic chemicals to help you control product quality and enhance product competitiveness.


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